Space Is The Corpse Of Time

Grab a copy of the latest Zebulon Pike full-length release. The recording "Space Is The Corpse Of Time" is available on CD, vinyl (limited edition double LP), and digital download.

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August 2 -- Triple Rock Social Club -- Minneapois, MN

------ press samples ---------------------------

"If you're into Mastodon, Pelican, the classic Southern Lord sound, I'm begging and pleading for you people to listen to this."

"It`s tough, heavy and very impressive all the way around...definitely a good CD for the Melvins/Sleep fans."

"One can realize very quickly that this band is brilliant with riffs."

"One of the very best brainy hard-rock records of the last few years."
--City Pages

"I don't know a damn thing about playing an instrument, but I do know what sounds good… ZP both know how to play their instruments and have that all-important musical chemistry that shakes out the greats."
--Hell Ride Music

"Also proving that this band is incredible and knows precisely what they're doing is the fact that the recording is flawless."

"This stuff is as powerful as bands like The Champs and Don Cabellero and definitely reminiscent of bands like King Crimson with wicked precise guitars."

"Zebulon Pike could share the stage with groups like Spickle, Karma To Burn, etc."
--Daredevil Magazine

"Inventive music that keeps us alert and wanting more from start to finish, very strong indeed."
--Concrete Web

"Heavy instrumental four-piece Zebulon Pike make expansive music for a compressed world. Alternately brutal and tender, their serious but not humorless music punches you in the face and gives you a soothing, nonsexual neck massage. Recommended for fans of Metallica, Yes, Richard Wagner, down-tuned guitars, cannonlike kick drums, and oceanic tempests suggestive of divine retribution."
-- City Pages

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